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Give adults a second chance at education

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About Haiti Literacy Program

In Haiti, people feel a lot of shame and embarrassment when they are illiterate and often feel like it is too late to learn these skills as an adult. The Haiti Literacy Program gives adults in Haiti a second chance to learn how to read and write. These classes give more than just a skill, but a hope that it is never too late for them to enrich their lives through education.

"Growing up, my dad worked hard every day so that I could go to school and get an education. I was fortunate to have this, but I saw many people my age whose parents didn't have the opportunity to send them to school. As I was able to continue my education at a University in Haiti and then later in America, I have never forgotten about those who did not have the same opportunities as me; people who grew up never learning how to read and write, even their own names."

-Paulaine Jean Louis, the founder of the Haiti Literacy Program, was raised in Northern Haiti.