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Join a Child's Support Community through Child Sponsorship

By joining as a child sponsor you help ensure we can continue to provide excellent physical, emotional and spiritual care for the children in our care. This $35/month commitment goes further than a monthly financial gift, as we also ask sponsors to pray for the child you sponsor. Your financial and prayerful commitment ensures each child in the on-campus foster homes has a community of individuals supporting them daily!

As part of this program, you will receive quarterly updates via e-mail on your sponsored child. These updates are not filled with generic or mundane information on the child, but with authentic and real stories written by the staff who are the primary caregiver of that child day in and day out.

Learn more about Child Sponsorship through Children of the Promise. If you are considering or in process of adopting from Haiti, please do not sign up for this program. Instead please contact the Child Sponsorship Team for further information at cotpchildsponsorship@gmail.com

Financial Accountability: We are committed to the highest standard of accountability and stewardship of our funds. All spending is according to a board-approved budget. We will make every effort to honor donations designated for a specific program. If the funds have been raised for that program, the remaining designated donations will be directed to addressing the greatest needs at COTP. All donations are tax deductible.